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Free Isn't Great and Great Isn't Free

There are many automated web site builders that claim it’s easy and free to build a great website in minutes. That claim lives or dies by your definitions of “free” and “great”. Automated site builders rely on a business model designed to up-sell customers from the “free” offering to premium versions that contain less of what they don’t want and more of what they needed to begin with.

Having dozens, hundreds or even thousands of templates to choose from just perpetuates the illusion of choice. At the end of the day, you are still limited by the predefined nature of a design that was completed by someone that you never met, for a business they knew nothing about. Without understanding your business or the way your customers interact with you, even the best templates can only produce generic, bland and unresponsive sites.

While there may be cases in which needs are simple and the obtrusive nature of bloated code and banner ads could be tolerated, most businesses require a more thoughtful, disciplined and inspired approach to developing their web presence.

If you want your site to accurately represent your company and your brand, you may be left feeling dissatisfied by the look and feel of a pre-made template. Moreover, you will almost certainly end up paying a premium to have unwanted advertising removed or monthly bandwidth increased. At Unique Web Services, we take the time to learn about your business, your customers and your goals, then we hand code a brilliant web site with the exact look and feel you want and all of the features your business needs to be successful on the web.

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